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lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2008

Crash My Deville- Please Glamour, Don't Hurt 'em


01- Here Comes The Glamour
02- Don't Piss Down Our Backs And Tell Us It's Raining
03- You Sell A Bit Of Composure
04- Ride This Horse To War (With No Shoes On)
05- Sorry, No Personal Convenience Within The Next 4.55 min.
06- The Glamour pt.I (The Awakening)
07- The Glamour pt.II (The Departure)
08- The Glamour pt.III (The Destination)
09- From Sinking Risks And Fast Disgrace
10- Handcuff-Rodeo
11- Killing On Our Own Demands
12- How To Write Hope In Times Of Upheavel


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